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The German capital Berlin has for years been one of the top ten most popular cities in Europe when it comes to city trips and school trips. There are plenty of reasons to visit Berlin. For many, the main motivation for coming to Berlin is the illustrious past of a city split in two, of which a democratic western part was an exclave within the Eastern Bloc during the Cold War. The division of Berlin and the Berlin Wall were the main reason to visit Berlin at the time until the fall of the Wall in 1989. Fascinated by the idea that you almost penetrated the heart of the Soviet stronghold and that a large concrete wall formed a real physical boundary between east and west, large numbers of tourists were already moving towards Berlin. Since the fall of the Wall, the city has actually only become more interesting. On the one hand there is the past, of which various elements are still visible in the city, on the other hand there is a city that has not undergone a normal growth pattern from a single center during an important post-war period, but a city that arises from separate areas that have an enormous catching up, whereby the layout and architecture sometimes deviates considerably from what people are used to. What is actually a must-do is to thoroughly immerse yourself in the history of the city in advance. This will help you understand why things in Berlin are the way they are. Furthermore, Berlin is clean, relatively safe and the people are hospitable. It is simply a pleasant city to stay.

The fact that Berlin is the cultural heart of Germany is reflected in the large number of museums, sights, festivals and other events. You can enjoy yourself in Berlin for a week without getting bored.

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